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Do I Need A Support Contract?

Tuesday March 29, 2011 - If you have used or are planning to use RedBeam for three or more years then the answer is most definitely yes.

Annual support fees can seem like a good place for businesses to cut back, however, your investment in RedBeam is something that should be protected because it can be a source of tremendous value for your organization. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that you renew your annual software support contact.

How will RedBeam support benefit your organization?

Product Updates and Upgrades - Support helps maintain reliability and performance with all new version releases, minor updates, fixes and enhancements. This includes keeping up with the frequent changes to Microsoft PC and handheld operating systems. If you don't have a valid support contact, you may run into performance issue or worse running older software versions.

Phone, Web, and Telephone Support - This means unlimited access to our knowledgeable and responsive technical support team by phone or email. In addition to email and phone support, we often "connect up" via online meeting tools to work through issues together. Instead of spending hours trying to resolve an issue yourself, you can receive immediate assistance. The time saved through technical support on even a single issue often far outweighs your investment in support.

Unlimited Access to Expert Resources - Our knowledgeable product support team doesn't only help resolve technical issues. They can help streamline installation and implementation and work proactively to ensure that the possible return on investment is achieved. The time saved by having your RedBeam solution optimized for your organization's needs is well worth it.

RedBeam Annual Support is availaible exclusively though our reseller partners. For additional information or to purchase support, please email

About RedBeam

RedBeam, Inc. offers intuitive, affordable and complete data collection solutions designed for use with mobile scanners. The core product offering includes fixed asset tracking and stockroom inventory tracking solutions as well as support and installation and training services.

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