Fonts Use In Business

When a letter of the alphabet is typed on paper or online, the style of that letter is commonly called a font. A font may be fancy, simple, large, small, italicized, bold, or even look like handwriting. The type of font you choose to use might reveal something about your mood. For example, if you are feeling silly, you might use an unusual, comical font. If you are writing about a serious topic, however, you would use a simple font style.

If you are writing a letter for business, use a common font that will not distract the reader. A business document will look more professional if the writer uses a font that is easy to read. Serif fonts have a short line, sometimes called a tail or foot, at the ends of characters. Serif fonts are common in English writing. Sans serif fonts do not have tails on the characters, and this type of font is frequently used in headings of résumés and other documents. Schools and businesses often select a few font styles to use in all of their written materials. By consistently using the same fonts, they establish a look that is part of their company's brand.

You can find free fonts online for English and many other languages. Some companies also sell font software. Before downloading or installing any fonts, check to see whether your computer or device is compatible with the font. There might also be restrictions on how you use fonts, and this information is usually found in the program's licensing agreement. If you are using someone else's computer or device, get the owner's permission before installing new fonts.

Free English-Language Fonts

  • Business Font Styles: The Providence College Finance and Business Department recommends 20 font styles on this site.
  • Open Dyslexic: The goal of this font is to help people who have difficulty reading because of dyslexia.
  • Cooper Hewitt Typeface: This font was designed for use by the Smithsonian Design Museum.
  • Classic Typewriter Fonts: You can go retro with these fonts that were common in some of the typewriters of the past.
  • Futura and Century Schoolbook Fonts: These are the official fonts of the Illinois Institute for Technology.
  • Web Fonts: If you are writing an email or creating a page on the Internet, you may be able to use HTML to change the font in your document. Try out these font types.
  • University of Washington Typography: The font used by this college is bold, simple, and available to download.
  • Baruch Fonts: Baruch College uses a customized Roman font that can be downloaded from its communications and marketing department website.
  • Two Creative Font Styles: These official fonts of Rochester Community and Technical College could be fun to use. They have unusual names, too.
  • Google Fonts: Google has hundreds of font styles that you can choose from when creating a website for business or fun.
  • Font for Low Vision: Qualified users can download this font designed for readers with a visual impairment.
  • Open Sans Download: Get the Open Sans font family at the Nazareth College website.
  • Playing With Font Families: Try out several different types of fonts and get the HTML code to use it in your own online writing.
  • Cool Fonts App: If you use an iPhone or iPad, get this free app to add fun fonts to the keyboard.
  • Large-Print Fonts: These fonts are especially useful for large-print publications.
  • New Urban Arts: This creative font was developed by students and artists.
  • Typefaces for the Climate Movement: Explore these fonts that are free for a specific cause.
  • Antonio Font: Check out the various fonts used by this university, including some that are free.
  • Benton Sans: Find free downloads of this and other fonts used by Indiana University.
  • Font Garden: Find everything from curly fonts to 3D styles on this site.

Free Fonts in Other Languages

  • Bangla Language Font: The South Asia Resource Center at the University of Chicago provides images and a free download of a font for the Bangla or Bengali language.
  • Greek, Latin, and Hebrew Fonts: Access fonts of the languages that were originally used to write the Bible and historical documents.
  • Vietnamese Writing System Fonts: The GNU FreeFont website offers fonts in several different languages, including this one in Vietnamese.
  • Arabic Script Font: This site provides a font for the Arabic language and instructions for using the font software.
  • Ancient Iranian Fonts: This site has several historical fonts that you can download and use.
  • Tibetan Font: Type in the Tibetan language with the Tsampa Keyboard font.
  • Thai Fonts: Use these fonts to read and write Thai content.
  • Chinese Characters: This site explains how to download and install Chinese pinyin fonts.
  • Yorùbá Language Font: Get the Ariya font for the Yoruba language, which is native to Nigeria.

Commercial Font Software

  • FontAgent Pro Plus: This company website sells a program with 750 fonts.
  • Adobe Font Finder: Use this tool to select font attributes and view style options. You can buy font packages at this site.
  • Creative Fonts to Buy: sells licenses to use their fonts. You can browse new fonts and bestsellers on the site.
  • Font Bureau: This site sells fonts to individuals and businesses. Some of the fonts are used in newspapers and magazines.
  • Fonts by Hoefler & Co.: You can purchase font software for different styles, sizes, and uses here.

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