Asset Tracking Guide

Asset Tracking Guide Cover.

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This guide is for anyone who wants to get a better handle on fixed asset procedures and managing their fixed assets. Written for asset tracking newcomers, this guide will help you understand asset tracking the best way possible: You’ll learn about what asset tracking is and how it works, and be able to knowledgeably make the case for the importance of asset tracking within your company.

This guide from RedBeam includes:

  • Getting Started with Asset Tracking | Asset Tracking 101; Who Needs Asset Tracking?; The Value of a Reseller; Choosing an Asset Tracking System; Smart Asset Tracking Software Features; and What Asset Tracking Hardware Should You Use?
  • 4 Ways Asset Tracking Will Save You Time | Lightning-Fast Physical Inventories; Ongoing Asset Management; Fewer Lost, Missing, or Stolen Assets; and Information When and How You Need It
  • How Asset Tracking Impacts Your Bottom Line | Big Picture Perspective; Simplified Reporting; Greater ROI; and Regulatory Compliance
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