Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software screenshots on multiple devices.

Asset tracking software eliminates messy spreadsheets, streamlines physical inventories, and helps you take control of your organization’s valuable property. We make asset tracking easy.

Asset tracking software screenshots on multiple devices.

Fixed Asset Tracking Simplified

Do you know how many assets your company has? What condition they’re in or where they’re located? Who or what department is using them? Fixed asset management is a critical component of effective resource allocation. RedBeam asset tracking software makes monitoring and reporting easier for you and your organization.

RedBeam’s comprehensive and powerful barcode and RFID asset tracking solution enables you to:

  • Easily tag and track asset movements.
  • Take physical inventories.
  • See what’s lost, missing or moved.

Give your employees the freedom and flexibility of web-based asset tracking. Every asset tracker on your team can access the information via any laptop, tablet or mobile device to perform the tasks they need to stay productive.

We’ve helped thousands of customers in many industries improve their asset management processes:

  • Corporations (From small to Fortune 100)
  • State, local and Federal government agencies
  • Education (K-12, colleges, and universities)
  • Manufacturing and distribution (All kinds)
  • Healthcare (From health departments to hospitals)

The bottom line is: If you have 500 or more fixed assets and you don’t have a system in place, it’s costing you time and money.
Calculate your ROI to find out what you could be saving.

Track & Manage Your Assets. Save Time and Money.
All the features you need are included.

A Fixed Asset Tracking Solution You’ll Love

The RedBeam asset tracking system is easy to use. You can quickly add, track and manage your assets from anywhere in your organization. Asset information is always available to you when and where you need it. The system won’t burden your IT department and is extremely secure. Make tracking easy.


The world’s most respected brands trust RedBeam to track and manage their fixed assets. Here are some of them:

Asset Tracking Software Users.
Asset Tracking Software Customers.
Asset Tracking Software Users.

Pricing Starts at $50/Month

RedBeam Asset Tracking is completely scalable and affordable. Choose from PC-based, self-hosted and SaaS versions. Let’s get started!