Barcode Asset Tags

What is an asset tag and why use them? Barcode asset tags are serialized ID tags that are placed on your assets, typically in a uniform location, to:

show ownership or possession,
speed up your workflow, and
help minimize data entry errors.

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Barcode asset tags play an important role in your RedBeam solution, and we provide a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to asset ID labels.

Print Your Own Asset Tags:

You can print your own permanent, durable barcode labels using a LaserJet Printer or dedicated barcode label printer. If you plan to print sheet labels to a LaserJet printer, it’s helpful to know that you can customize your labels using, either the PC application or our free asset label template. If you plan to print using a dedicated barcode label printer, our reseller partners can get you the printer and label media you need to get the job done.

Print Your Own Asset Tags.

Use Pre-Printed Barcode Labels:

RedBeam offers pre-printed barcode labels. They are white with black print and offer two lines of custom text. Most customers choose “Property of” on the first line and the name of the organization on the second, but it’s completely up to you. You can also specify the number range for the barcode labels. The most common format is to start at 1,000 or 10,000 (depending on how many assets you have) and go from there.

Printers for RedBeam Barcode Tracking software.
Available Barcode Labels
RedBeam provides two primary label options. If you’re looking to print your own using a dedicated barcode label printer, or if you are interested in RFID asset tags, please contact our support team at 877-373-0390 or for further assistance.
Print Your Own Asset Tags.
Polyester Sheet Labels – 480 Labels

$44.95 / RB-L480

1-1/4″ x 1-3/4″ Size
Permanent / Durable
Windows Printer Friendly

30 Labels Per Sheet
15 Sheets

Print Your Own Asset Tags.
Polyester Pre-Printed – 1,000 Labels

$249 / RB-LABELS

2″ x 1″ Size
White w/ Black Print
Permanent / Durable

Custom Asset ID Range
2 Lines Custom Text

Please note that although they may arrive sooner, custom labels typically require a two week turn-around time.