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Take a look at some case studies to see how RedBeam has helped a variety of organizations to track their fixed assets and stockroom inventory more effectively. If you have a story of your own, submit one here.

Non-Profit Fixed Asset Tracking Case Study

Pickaway Job & Family Services
Non-Profit Fixed Asset Tracking

Pickaway Family & Job Services (Pickaway) assists the people of Pickaway County, Ohio, to become safe, stable, healthy and self-sufficient individuals and families. The organization is committed to building and strengthening partnerships with their local community and provides quality services to children, adults and families.


  • Pickaway faced the significant challenge of tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets at two office locations with limited manpower and resources.
  • Like most non-profit organizations, Pickaway had limited funding and manpower to put a system in place to manage their assets on a day-to-day basis and take annual physical inventories.
  • Finding an affordable solution that didn’t sacrifice functionality was a top priority.


  • RedBeam Asset Tracking – Mobile Edition – 1 User
  • One Mobile Device


  • Since purchasing the solution in 2008, Pickaway has been happy with the results.
  • RedBeam provides all the functionality of a more costly program.
  • RedBeam has enabled them to save time and money tracking their fixed asset inventory.

We did a lot of research looking for an affordable tracking system but we wanted all the bells and whistles of the more expensive products. RedBeam has been able to accomplish this for us.”

– S Burris, Fiscal Officer | Pickaway Job and Family Service, Circleville Ohio

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Asset Tracking Customer

Belvedere Trading
Corporate Fixed Asset Tracking

Founded in 2002, Belvedere Trading is a leading proprietary trading firm that specializes in equity index and commodity derivatives. Belvedere Trading’s employees trade electronically from their headquarters in downtown Chicago, and have traders on the floors of the following exchanges: Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group, which includes the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and the Commodity Exchange (COMEX).


  • When Belvedere Trading began to experience rapid growth, they realized that it was imperative to put corporate controls in place to keep track of the monitors, workstations, televisions and phones being purchased.
  • The assets were not only purchased by multiple individuals, they were also deployed across several different co-locations, and were used for off-site redundancy – all of which increased the complexity of Belvedere’s tracking needs.
  • Their ideal solution was one that would enable Belvedere to easily tag inventory as it was received while also providing depreciation and other asset-related information for audit purposes.


  • RedBeam Asset Tracking – Mobile Edition – 5 User
  • One Motorola Mobile Device


  • The initial physical inventory took about a week to complete and was conducted by an accountant and an IT technician.
  • New assets are tagged and added to the system as they are received. All of the asset information resides in one database, which allows for multiple people to access and update information in a controlled way.
  • Belvedere uses RedBeam to help calculate its yearly depreciation and can provide information for an audit with the click of a button.
  • RedBeam has scaled nicely. Since purchasing RedBeam Asset Tracking four years ago, Belvedere Trading has grown from 70 to almost 300 employees across six locations, and the system has continued to work well for the firm.


I was nervous when I introduced this concept to management, but four years later it is still very reliable and I am proud of the decision that I made for my company. They are happy as well!”

– Kathleen Palenik, Accountant | Belvedere Trading, Chicago


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Inventory Control Case Study

Erosion Control & Geotextile Distributors
Distributor Inventory Control Case Study

Erosion Control & Geotextile Distributors is a leading erosion control and geotextile distributor that offers erosion control and construction material products for a wide range of applications. Their facility is located in Finksburg, Md. Distributor inventory tracking is a critical part of their business.


  • When Erosion Control opened the doors of its warehouse in 2001, they used a manual system to track their inventory. As their product offering grew to more than 1,200 construction material items, so did their need for a more efficient inventory control system.
  • It would often take employees up to 20 minutes of roaming the warehouse to check stock availability for an order – a process that was repeated 35-40 times each day.
  • Given poor inventory level visibility, costly stock-out situations were also common.


  • RedBeam Inventory Tracking – Mobile Edition – 1 User
  • One Datalogic Mobile Device
  • One Zebra GK420 Printer


  • The primary benefit has been has been drastic improvement in item level visibility.
  • As inventory is brought into the warehouse, it’s scanned into the system. As it leaves, it’s scanned out. The system shows inventory quantities by item and location, which takes the guesswork out of whether or not the materials are in stock.
  • The system also lets Erosion Control know when items are running low so they can be reordered quickly. As a result, avoiding out of stock and overstock situations has never been easier.
  • Erosion Control estimates that they save the equivalent of one employee’s wages per day by not needing to have anyone manually check inventory levels.
  • Customer service has also improved because the time savings gives employees more time to wait on customers.


We checked out six other systems and RedBeam just seemed to have all the right answers to our questions. What an easy way to keep inventory straight.”

– Mike Rhoten | Manager, Finksbug MD


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Fixed Asset Tracking Customer

Internova Electrical Contractor
Contractor Tool Tracking

Internova Electrical Contractor

Contractor tool tracker activities are always challenging. Internova Electrical Contractor provides high quality electrical services and maintenance to industrial and commercial facilities. Their clients have primarily been industries operating in Puerto Rico, including: pharmaceuticals, electronics, commercial facilities, and general contractors.


  • Internova deploys over 1,000 tools to a field workforce of certified electrician and technicians at more than 20 locations. Without a formal system in place, there was poor visibility into where tools were being used or stored and no way to determine what was available for project use, much less ensure accountability for these items.
  • Valuable employees, resources and time were being wasted while searching for tools required to complete projects and occasionally having to replace lost or stolen items.
  • Finding a way to track tools in a construction environment where it wasn’t possible or practical to apply barcode labels added additional complexity.

Tool Tracker Solution

  • RedBeam Check In Check Out – Standard Edition – 1 User
  • Cabled Barcode Scanner


  • The solution provides excellent visibility, which has led to improved tool management. With RedBeam, employees easily can see where tools are, who has used them, and how often each tool is being used.
  • Internova is now able to manage its tool inventory by project, which has increased the overall productivity of the organization.
  • Even items without barcodes can be tracked using a handwritten or etched item ID or the manufacturer’s serial barcode.

RedBeam has been a key utility to manage our large inventory of tools, and it has increased productivity and improved tool management. We chose RedBeam because it’s as simple as it gets. It’s really easy to use.”

– Ramon Hernandez, Engineer | Internova Electrical Contractors, San Juan

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