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Track equipment and other in-use inventory items with powerful and easy to use check in check out software from RedBeam.

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Check In Check Out Software

Track equipment, tools, files and other circulating items using this intuitive, affordable and complete check in check out software. RedBeam Check In Check out is ideal for organizations that loan items out in a library type fashion.

Printers and labels for check in check out.


Print item and badge labels directly from the system.

Check your Assets in and out to people.


Scan the person, scan items out, and the scan items back in.

Software to report where your assets are.


Report on items on hand, checked out, usage and more.

Advantages of RedBeam Check In Check Out

RedBeam Check In Check Out can help drastically improve accountability and minimize the costs associated with lost or stolen items. Here are some of the things RedBeam does to help make that happen.

Eliminate Paperwork

Spreadsheet and paper methods are often time consuming and inefficient. RedBeam eliminates the traditional paperwork associated with tracking items checked out to employees, customers or departments.

Increase Visibility

When you check items out from your toolcrib, library or resource center, you always know who has what. You know where items are and when they are due, who had them last and when they are overdue.

Ensure Accountability

RedBeam delivers accountability to ensure that the tools, file folders, equipment, and any other items you assign come back when they should, keeping you from having to waste valuable time and resources trying to locate them.

Useful Reports

Item reports show what’s checked out, what’s check in and when items are overdue. Usage reports show who has used items and how often. Additional reports provide detailed transaction history on check out, check in, reservation transactions.

Import with Validation

Easily import asset data via Microsoft Excel. Validation ensures with accuracy that all records have been imported. You can also export to Excel from RedBeam.

World Class Support

We understand asset tracking inside and out. From installation to best practices, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Not looking for a file or tool tracking type of system? You may be more interested in our asset tracking software.

Available Software Versions

RedBeam offers a variety of license options. We can help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Check in Check out software for 1 user.
Standard Edition – 1 User$695 / RB-SCO-1

1 PC License

Scanners Only

Tracking software for your team.
Standard Edition – 5 Users$1295 / RB-SCO-5

5 PC Licenses

Scanners Only

Mobile check in check out software.
Mobile Edition – 1 User$1795 / RB-MCO-1

1 PC License

Cabled Scanners
Unlimited Mobile Devices

Mobile check in check out for your team.
Mobile Edition – 5 Users$3495 / RB-MCO-5

5 PC Licenses

Cabled Scanners
Unlimited Mobile Devices

Enterprise Class Device Support

RedBeam solutions are designed and certified to work seamlessly with enterprise class mobile devices designed for scan intensive applications.

Motorola Solutions.

View a list of Check In Check Out supported mobile devices.

What Customers Are Saying

The software is simple to use and is a great value. The reporting and inventory control is outstanding and I would recommend RedBeam products to anyone.
– C. Cornett (Texas Motor Speedway)

I have two of RedBeam’s five user mobile systems in place at the Hamilton County BOE and they are thrilled with the equipment organization that Redbeam has enabled them to accomplish.
– S. Poland (Hamilton County Board of Elections)

Check in check out tracking software.

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