CipherLab 9700 Certified For Use with RedBeam Software

Cipher Lab 9700 and Fixed Asset Tracking

RedBeam, Inc. has certified the versatile, functional and rugged 9700 Series mobile computer from CipherLab Co., Ltd. for use with RedBeam software.

Cipher Lab 9700 and Fixed Asset Tracking

Cipher Lab 9700

The 9700 is a rugged, Windows-based mobile computer designed for use in enterprise-wide applications across multiple industries. How rugged? The device meets IP65 standards, which means protects it from dust and moisture (as long as it’s not submersed in water). It’s this level of protection that makes the 9700 idea for use in warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and many other four-wall environments.

Key devices features include:

  • IP65 and 6 ft. Drop Resistance
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • 3.5” QVGA Transmissive LCD Display
  • On-board 4GB Memory
  • Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Operating system

The 9700 comes with a variety of reader, keypad and accessory options which make the device incredibly versatile. This flexibility means you can configure the device to meet your specific needs, which ensures the simplest device operation possible for the task at hand.

Here’s the device configuration we recommend for use with RedBeam’s asset tracking and inventory control applications:

A97AM5QLN31U1 – CipherLab 9700 Device, Laser, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, QVGA, WEH, 53 key, 3600MAH Battery, US Version

A9700CCCNU101 – CipherLab 9700, Single Slot Charging and Communication Cradle, Micro USB Cable, US Versions

KB97000X02502 – CipherLab 9700, Extra (3600mAh) Battery

M9730LSC30001 – CipherLab 9700, 3 Year Comprehensive Service Contract

This configuration includes the 9700 Series mobile device, the cradle kit for charging and syncing, a spare battery and a three-year comprehensive CipherLab maintenance.

Although they are optional, the spare battery and service contract are highly recommended. “When you’re in the middle of taking a physical inventory of your fixed assets or stockroom inventory, you don’t want a dead battery or device issue holding you up,”  says RedBeam support manager Jason Mullins.

In addition to the 9700 Series, the following CipherLab devices are also certified for use with RedBeam’s inventory tracking and asset tracking software: CP30, CP45, CP60, 9300 Series, 9400 Series, 9500 Series and 9600 Series.
For additional product and pricing information, please contact Dan Bunch with CipherLab USA at 404-437-7276 or