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Inventory Control Software from RedBeam

How accurate are your inventory balances? How often do you count your inventory? How often do you stockout of particular items in inventory? Software for inventory control is a critical component of any effective inventory program. RedBeam’s proven inventory control tools will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Want to make your life easier and your organization more profitable? RedBeam offers a simple and easy-to-use, barcode scanner inventory software that enables you to automate cumbersome inventory-related tasks:

  • Easily track item movements.
  • Take cycle counts or conduct a physical inventory.
  • Run useful inventory reports.

We’ve designed this stock control software to make it as easy as possible to setup and use. With minimal effort, we can help you put inventory control in place that will help save you time and money.

Whether you track products, parts or supplies, here are just a few if the benefits you can expect from using RedBeam software for inventory control:

  • Cost savings
  • Added Efficiency
  • Better Organization
  • More Accurate Data
  • Improved Security
  • Trend Visibility

Do you currently keep track of inventory with hard-copy forms or spreadsheets? Think most inventory management software is too expensive or complex? Try RedBeam. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s what customers like Inventory Tracking Customers are saying…

Inventory Tracking Customer Review

We are thrilled with the organization that Redbeam has enabled us to accomplish.
– S. Poland, Hamilton County Board of Elections

Inventory Tracking Customer Review

I wish all computer networking and installing would be as easy as that was!
– J. Berkshire, The Dutch Kettle

RedBeam’s Warranty

We strive to create and deliver solutions that will enable you to quickly cut costs and increase productivity quickly and easily. If you run into trouble, we’re here to help. Our customer service team is dedicated to your success and is standing by to assist you. If you aren’t satisfied with your RedBeam software for any reason, we will happily accept a return for a full refund.

How does the inventory system work?

RedBeam Inventory Tracking is a PC-based inventory program that’s easy to setup and use. Stockrooms often come under close scrutiny when organizations are looking to cut spending and keep down costs. Control is the key to efficient inventory management and RedBeam’s inventory management solutions can help you take control of your stockroom. Ideal for organizations tracking several hundred to several thousand stock items or SKUs, RedBeam can help you take control of the inventory levels and item movements in your stockroom, warehouse, distribution center or store.

Print labels and barcodes for control.

Item and Location Tagging

Use existing manufacturer SKUs, print your own barcode labels, or don’t use them at all. In addition to item labels, the inventory tracker prints location labels which can be applied to shelf or bin locations as needed. This makes the repetitive process of receiving and issuing items from inventory quick and easy. The inventory system software also provides the ability to print a barcode product catalog.

Scan your fixed assets in an inventory.

Track Inventory Movements

Day to day inventory control processes rely heavily on transactions which are conducted by people. You need to make these process as easy and as accurate as possible. RedBeam inventory control software does this by leveraging user its user-friendly inventory system software with barcode scanning. It will radically improve your inventory management process. Receive, move, and issue items or physical inventories and cycle counts with ease.

Track your inventories.

Inventory Reports

Want to be able to check availability from your desktop? RedBeam provides increased visibility to available inventory, as well useful searching and reordering capabilities. With this insight, employees save time and materials managers improve availability by minimizing out-of-stock and overstock situations. You can also check inventory levels away from your PC using supported mobile devices.

Common Applications for RedBeam Inventory Control

  • Types of Organizations
  • Factories
  • Medical facilities
  • Maintenance shops
  • Nurseries
  • Casinos
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Items Being Tracked
  • Medical supplies
  • Spare parts
  • Raw materials
  • Seasonal inventory
  • Promotional items
  • Product samples
  • Food items
  • Office supplies
  • Electronic components
  • Types of Environments
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Central or remote locations
  • Supply rooms
  • Small warehouses
  • Small distribution centers
  • Trucks and vehicles
  • Stores

Not looking for an inventory management system? You may be interested in our fixed asset tracking system.

Advantages of RedBeam Inventory Tracking

RedBeam’s inventory management software can help increase accuracy, improve visibility, and drastically reduce the amount time needed to conduct physical inventories. If you’re researching inventory solutions, here are some noteworthy advantages that set us apart from many other inventory programs.

Track Inventory

Start tracking and stop guessing. RedBeam puts the “control” in inventory control software. Quickly receive, move and issue items or parts using proven barcode technology. The inventory system tracks lot and serial numbers, expiration dates and reference numbers as needed. All transactions are date, time and user stamped to give you complete visibility.

Conduct Inventories

Do you take daily, weekly or monthly item counts? The best way to make sure your inventory information is accurate is to take a physical inventory or cycle count. RedBeam inventory system software is specifically designed to streamline this process. Simply scan the location, scan the items, and move on to the next location. Improve employee efficiency and save time automating this often tedious but necessary process with RedBeam.

Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple locations or sites? RedBeam was built with you in mind. We understand that effective inventory control at multiple locations is even more important because you need to coordinate inventory levels by location based on demand and a number of other factors. Install RedBeam at as many sites as you need. Role-based user security allows you to restrict employee access to locations and functionality.

Useful Reports

Better inventory and transaction information leads to better stockroom management decisions. RedBeam’s flexible and powerful reporting capability can help you to stay ahead of demand, keep the right amount of inventory on hand and speed up your ordering process. Over time, you’ll start to see purchasing and usage patterns emerge that can play a vital role in the financial health of your business.

Import Your Spreadsheet

Many organizations (even ones that use fully automated warehouse management or ERP systems) have a tendency to track their stockroom inventory manually with a spreadsheet or a clipboard. These time-consuming manual methods can drag down employee productivity, may cost more money and are definitely more prone to error. Once you’ve made the decision to automate, you can simply import your existing list into the system.

Passion for Inventory Control

There are only ever two problems with stockroom inventory – too much or not enough. We’ve been helping customers improve their inventory processes for over ten years and we understand inventory control inside and out. From system setup and use to tips and tricks, we’re here to help you get your inventory management software up and running quickly. Our inventory specialists are ready and waiting to assist you.

If you are looking to track unique items of value such as computers, furniture and vehicles, and not consumable stockroom inventory like parts and supplies, you make want to look at inventory asset management software.

Available Software Versions

RedBeam offers a variety of license options. We can help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Inventory Control Software Single License
Standard Edition – 1 User$695 / RB-SIT-1

1 PC License

Scanners Only

Inventory managment for your team.
Standard Edition – 5 Users$1295 / RB-SIT-5

5 PC Licenses

Scanners Only

mobile inventory control software.
Mobile Edition – 1 User$1795 / RB-MIT-1

1 PC License

Cabled Scanners
Unlimited Mobile Devices

Mobile inventory tracking for 5 users.
Mobile Edition – 5 Users$3495 / RB-MIT-5

5 PC Licenses

Cabled Scanners
Unlimited Mobile Devices

Supported Mobile Computers

RedBeam uses barcode technology to automate the tracking of parts and supplies. The application is designed and certified to work seamlessly with enterprise class mobile devices designed for scan intensive applications. You’ll never have to write or type another SKU again.

Motorola Solutions.
Inventory managment and control software.

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