Web Asset Tracking Release Notes

The following enhancements and fixes have been added to RedBeam Web Asset Tracking:

Release 1602.0902.0010.0410 (February 9, 2016)

  • Ability to add common Main Data through import.
  • Importer performance enhancements.
  • Handheld usability, scanning and workflow improvements.
  • Importer now properly associates related data during import.

Release 1509.1011.4556.0545 (September 09, 2015)

  • Improved performance of loading assets by building on handheld.
  • Demo users can now import assets.
  • Manage Inventory user experience (UX) improvements.
  • User can now highlight text in Setup fields.
  • Various pageload and performance enhancements.
  • Resolved stability issues regarding scanning barcodes using non-RFID enabled devices.
  • Users with location restrictions can now create and take inventories.
  • Inactive assets no longer appear on Inventory or Reports pages.
  • Person field now displays Last Name, First Name format.
  • Drop down fields are now case insensitive.
  • Closed inventories no longer appear on the handheld.
  • Deleting assets no longer affects inventory counts.

Release 1507.1513.4836.0090 (July 15, 2015)

  • Added filter capability for all fields, including user fields on the Assets page.
  • “Added On” and “Last Updated” fields were added to the Assets page grid.
  • User can now choose how many assets are displayed on the Assets page table.
  • The application now supports Canadian currency.
  • Automatic user logout time extended from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed case sensitivity for username during login.
  • Application-wide page load time and related performance improvements.

Release 1506.1610.2754.0977 (June 16, 2015)

  • Various user experience improvements related to drop-down lists, buttons, and hover text buttons.
  • Fixed inventory asset totals to reflect a user’s Active Directory login restrictions.
  • Fixed change password issue.
  • Fixed user field display so that refresh does not reset them to default.

Release 1505.0514.5600.0200 (May 5, 2015)

  • Various toastr improvements including clearer messages, color coding and behavior.
  • Ability to display special characters in fields on the thick client application (WM 6.5).
  • Increased the number of user fields from 10 to 25.
  • Fixed export so that 25 user fields are included (10 displayed before).
  • Fixed import so that date and check box information displays properly.
  • Fixed user field display so that refresh does not reset them to default.

Release 1504.0302.0011.0632 (April 3, 2015)

  • Room IDs may now be non-unique.
  • Multiple buildings may now contain room locations with the same Room ID.
  • Room IDs must still be unique within a building.
  • Deselecting a room in a building from an inventory now properly removes that room from being included of that inventory.

Release 1503.2402.0011.0437 (March 24, 2015)

  • Dropdown fields marked as favorites now appear on the thick client application (WM 6.5) when editing an asset.
  • The quick add feature has been added to the Department field when it has been marked as a favorite.
  • Fixed the inability to preview two dimensional barcode labels for label printing (self-hosted version only).

Release 1503.1002.0006.0700 (March 10, 2015)

  • Increased button size for onscreen keyboard on the thick client application (WM 6.5).
  • Improved performance loading assets on the thick client application (WM 6.5)
  • Addition of selectable filter values for Asset and Room IDs on Labels page (Self-hosted version only).
  • Fixed the localization of all date fields within the application.
  • Fixed the taskbar on the Assets page so that Add, Copy and Delete options become inactive (greyed out) while adding new assets.

Release 1502.2417.1003.0035 (February 24, 2015)

  • Fields marked as favorites now appear on the thick client application (WM 6.5) when editing the details of a specific asset. This applies to date fields and text fields only.
  • Fields marked as favorites now appear on the responsive (handheld) view of the website on the Assets page.
  • Ability to limit user to Favorites tab on Assets page.
  • The Inactive column in the import template now accepts ‘True’, ‘T’, ‘Yes’ and ‘1’ to indicate that an asset is inactive, and ‘False’, ‘F’, ‘No’, ‘0’ and can be left blank to indicate that an asset is active.
  • Clear buttons have been added to the login fields on the thick client application (WM 6.5).
  • Fixed the inability to auto enter an Asset ID when scanning or pressing the scanner icon on Inventory page when taking a physical inventory.
  • Fixed the Asset grid filtering when displaying no data found.
  • Fixed the toaster message for unfound asset during search by serial number on Assets page.
  • Fixed the inability to remove the last favorite field selected in the Favorites page under Setup.