Supported Scanners


Cabled barcode scanners are ideal for scanning at a PC workstation. Mobile scanners are ideal for applications that require scanning wherever items are found.

Cabled Scanners supported in RedBeam Tracking Software.

Cabled Scanners

Cabled scanners connect to your PC workstation. When scanning a barcode, the scanner transmits data to the application you are working in just as if you had typed the information.

RedBeam software applications work with any USB cabled barcode scanner.

RedBeam compatible Mobile scanners and readers.

Mobile Scanners

Mobile scanners allow you to sync data between your PC application and the mobile computer, allowing you to scan items wherever they are found.

RedBeam PC-based software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise-class mobile computers:

  • AML LDX10
  • AML M7225 Series
  • CipherLab 9700 Series
  • CipherLab CP60 Series
  • Datalogic Lynx Series
  • Honeywell Dolphin 60s
  • Honeywell Dolphin 6110 Series
  • Unitech HT682 LR Series
  • Unitech HT682 Series
  • Unitech PA520 Series
  • Unitech PA692 Series
  • Zebra MC2180 Series, Touch Screen Required
  • Zebra MC67 Series
  • Zebra MC9190-Z
  • Zebra Workabout Pro 4

RedBeam Web Asset Tracking supports all Windows Mobile 6.5 mobile computers.

RedBeam RFID Reader.

RFID Readers

RFID readers can be synced with the application to allowing you to scan or read RFID tags on items wherever they are found.

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise-class RFID Reader computer:


  • Zebra MC9190-Z

To find an authorized hardware partner or value-added reseller in your area, contact RedBeam at 877-373-0390, or submit an online request form and a friendly and knowledgeable sales representative will contact you shortly to assist you in determining the optimal hardware/label configuration for your organization.