Web-Based Asset Tracking Software

Use RedBeam over the internet with a web browser. Nothing to install or download, never worry about upgrades.

Web-Based Asset Tracking Software You’ll Love

Web-based software is better than you’re regular software. Here’s why.

Nothing to Install

With web-based software, you don’t need to worry about installation. You can just log in and get started. We handle all of technical stuff like security, uptime and backups. You can stay focused on managing your assets and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also self-host if you prefer.

Access from Anywhere

Work from anywhere and on any device. No matter where they are, your team can stay productive. Online asset tracking extends your ability to receive and manage critical information about your valuable property.

Cost Effective & Scalable

A variety of cost effective asset tracking software license options are available. For as little as $50 per month, you can manage your organization’s valuable property via the cloud. Self-hosted and PC versions are also available.

Centralized Data

All of your asset information is centralized and accessible. Since everyone you work with logs in to the same asset database, you have all of your asset information in one place. No more wondering if your shared asset spreadsheet has the latest information.

Work Anywhere

You asset information is accessible anywhere with internet access. RedBeam works on any platform with a web browser and an internet connection. Mac and Windows and operating systems are supported, as well as Windows Mobile 6.5.

Stay Secure

RedBeam Web Asset Tracking is hosted on the Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud hosted services platform that invites customer confidence. Your data is stored on secure, backed-up daily enterprise servers in a state-of-the-art, highly secure data center.

How is Web Asset Tracking Deployed?

Available online or self hosted, RedBeam Web Asset Tracking can deliver what you need – from up-to-the-minute accurate purchasing, manufacturer and asset history data, to remote access through the cloud based inventory management system for anyone who needs access.

Barcode printers and barcode labels for Asset Tracking.

Server Client

RedBeam’s web-based asset tracking solution runs on the Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud hosted services platform, selected for both its adherence to industry-leading security practices and experience running some of largest cloud applications in the world. We also offer a self-hosted option of the web based asset tracking software. Both versions run on an enterprise class Microsoft® SQL database to ensure reliability, performance and data integrity.

Scan your fixed assets with any device.

Browser Client

RedBeam Web Asset Tracking provides web based inventory control so there’s nothing to install. Access the web inventory software from any PC. Simply enter the URL (web address) of the system to access the login screen. Android and iOS apps are available to make accessing the application fast and easy. As long as you’re in a connected environment, you can conduct online asset management activities from anywhere.

Track your fixed assets using RedBeam's Reporting.

Windows Mobile Client

The Windows Mobile device client enables you to view asset information in real time, with the added ability to store-and-forward for those times you may be in a disconnected environment. Another benefit to using Windows Mobile devices is built-in barcode scanner and RFID reader support, which can be helpful for scan-intensive applications such as the online inventory tracking of your fixed assets.

Pricing Starts at $50/Month

Start tracking your assets in minutes. Choose between self-hosted and SaaS versions. Let’s get started!